Trego Recreation Commission offers the following memberships:

Membership TypeAnnual PriceMonthly Price
Corporate Family$436.00$40.00
Corporate/Veteran Single$218.00$22.00
Senior Couple$409.00$38.00
Senior Single$218.00$22.00
Single/HS Student$311.00$31.00

For new memberships, you must come to the Recreation center to setup your initial membership. After that, renewals may be done online.


Membership renewals may be done online or by stopping by the Recreation Commission.

If renewing your membership online, please read the following guidelines:

* If you renew online, your key fob will get updated the next business day.

* Only renewals may be done online. New memberships must be done at the Trego Recreation Commission office.

* You will login with the same Login Id Email and Password as your Trego Recreation Commission account login information.

* If you currently have a membership that is being auto-debited, you may not renew online as the membership is already automatically renewed each month.

* You can modify your membership contact information online when you renew.

* For family memberships, additional members that exist on the membership can be viewed, but they cannot be modified. If you need to make changes to your family membership members, please come by the Trego Recreation Commission office.

* You cannot change your membership type online (for example, change from Family to Single). If you need to change the type of membership you have, you must come by the Trego Recreation Commission office.